The Galaxy Fold W20 5G will launch via China Telecom on November 19

There’s been a lot of speculation over the past few weeks as to what the mysterious W20 5G device headed for China might be. Is it a new flip phone in the Galaxy Folder lineup? Or is it a brand new foldable smartphone model bearing the Galaxy Fold moniker? Well, it’s neither, but it is the 5G variant of the Galaxy Fold, set to accompany the LTE model on the market beginning tomorrow.The Galaxy Fold LTE has already been launched in China and fresh marketing material emerging via Twitter has now confirmed that the Galaxy Fold 5G will be sold in the country by China Telecom beginning November 19. The carrier will offer the foldable phone-tablet hybrid in an exclusive white color. Spec-wise, both the Galaxy Fold LTE and W20 5G are virtually the same with the exception of having different antennas.Fret not, Samsung is still working on new Galaxy Fold modelsThe idea of a brand new Galaxy Fold model sounds very exciting for a lot of people, so much so that many figures in the mobile blogosphere have hoped that the W20 5G is just that. Evidently, it isn’t. But even so, Samsung’s journey into the foldable market segment has only just begun and the company is expected to release at least one new model next year.The next Galaxy Fold might even adopt the clamshell form factor – which I think would be a good idea – and it’s said to carry model number SM-F700F, hinting that it could be less powerful than the ongoing Galaxy Fold (SM-F900F) and therefore it could be a spinoff series boasting a more affordable price. But for now, if you happen to reside in China, the upcoming Galaxy Fold 5G – more specifically the W20 5G – is the best the foldable device the market has to offer.三星W20 5G— Max J. (@Samsung_News_) November 18, 2019

Galaxy Fold 5G

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