The Galaxy Fold has already sold out in South Korea

It seems that Samsung is seeing quite the response for the Galaxy Fold in its home country. South Korea is the first market to get the Galaxy Fold. The device has gone on sale there today and it appears that the first batch has already sold out.Samsung Electronics told Korean media outlets today that the first batch of the Galaxy Fold has already sold out. The company didn’t give a precise figure of the number of units that were in this first batch, though.Galaxy Fold is selling like hot cakes in KoreaAccording to industry sources cited in a Korean report, the first batch of pre-orders may have contained around 1,000 units. The units have been sold through the three major South Korean carriers. It’s pertinent to note here that this number doesn’t include the units that Samsung has directly sold online and through its retail stores.Customers who had pre-ordered their units through carriers have started receiving their units today. Most of the customers are said to be in their 20s and 30s with almost 90 percent of them being male.With the first round of pre-orders proving to be successful, all eyes will now be on the second round to see if there’s sustained demand for this device. Customers in Korea will be able to take part in the second pre-order round from September 18. Their devices will arrive on September 26. Samsung is expected to make up to 30,000 units available to customers in its home country initially.

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