The Galaxy A20 does not have wireless charging but there’s a hack for that

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The Galaxy A20 is one of the few Galaxy A series handsets that Samsung launched in North America last year. The entry-level device has done very well for itself across the globe as it offers a good mix of features and performance at an attractive price point. However, since it’s a budget device, it does lack some features that you would normally find in more upmarket devices.Wireless charging is one of those features. Many customers who are thinking about purchasing this device first try to find out if the Galaxy A20 has wireless charging. The Galaxy A20 doesn’t have wireless charging but there is a hack that lets you charge the phone wirelessly. You will need to purchase an adapter for it.Galaxy A20 does not have wireless charging but there’s a hackThe Galaxy A20 is a decent device with respectable specs. It comes with a 6.4-inch HD+ Infinity-V display, an Exynos 7884 processor under the hood with 3GB RAM and 32GB storage. It also features a 13MP + 5MP dual camera system at the back and an 8MP front camera. There’s a 4,000mAh battery keeping the lights on with support for 15W fast charging. The Galaxy A20 does not natively support wireless charging.So how do you go about adding wireless charging to a device that doesn’t have it right out of the box? The hack involves using an accessory called a wireless charging receiver or adapter. You can buy a wireless charging adapter on Amazon for as little as $13. Since the Galaxy A20 has a USB Type-C port, make sure the adapter that you purchase works with Type-C. The adapters are compatible with Qi wireless chargers.The adapter is essentially an external wireless charging coil enclosed in a rectangular patch. The patch has an adhesive strip so that you can stick it on the back of your Galaxy A20. You can also just place the patch against your phone and slip on a cover. As long as your cover or case isn’t too thick, the wireless charging adapter will work.In order for the wireless charging adapter to be able to charge your phone, it always needs to be plugged into the phone’s Type-C port. This means that if you want to ever charge the device using the wall charger, you will need to unplug the adapter. Many of you might prefer the wall charger anyway since it can charge the phone at 15W, almost double the rate of what normal wireless chargers.So how easier this hack makes life for you depends upon your preference for wired and wireless charging. While it does allow you to add wireless charging to the Galaxy A20, and indeed any smartphone that doesn’t have it natively, it occupies the charging port permanently. Some users may choose to just get over the lack of wireless charging on the Galaxy A20 and use the much faster wired charging instead.

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