The first iOS 16 public beta may be running behind schedule

The WWDC 2022 will kick off on June 6 and among other things, Apple will unveil iOS 16. However, the public might get it a bit later than usual. Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman tweeted that there is some uncertainty behind the scenes.

Apple normally waits until the second beta of a new iOS version before releasing it for public consumption (the first betas often have plenty of bugs left to squash, making them unsuitable for public consumption). This year the first public release of iOS 16 may wait until the third beta.

This could suggest that there has been a speed bump in the development process – current builds are buggy, according to the reporter. However, Gurman says that things are “fluid and could shift”. We should more after the WWDC, but it’s possible that we will have to wait until July to try out the new version.

iOS 15
iOS 15

According to Gurman, iOS 16 and co. will bring improved notification management, new health-trackign features and other changes. Some are device-specific, e.g. iPadOS 16 could have a revamped multitasking UI, while watchOS 9 might add new health-tracking features to complement the changes on the iPhone side. A new branch, dubbed rOS, is allegedly being developed for Apple’s possibly delayed VR headset.


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