The first Evil Genius 2 DLC is now available on Steam

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Rebellion successfully revived the dormant Evil Genius franchise with Evil Genius 2: World Domination, an addictive simulation strategy game that pairs great game design and genuinely funny humor. Evil Genius 2 is already available on Steam. Still, now players who are looking for even more to do in this diabolical game can pick up the new Cabal Pack, the first DLC for Evil Genius 2. There’s even a new release trailer to celebrate the launch of the Cabal Pack.

The Cabal Pack DLC adds a decent amount of new features and content for players to look forward to and launches right after the recently released 1.3.0 patch that fixed some of the game’s biggest community issues. The Cabal Pack DLC for Evil Genius 2 includes:

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  • Espectro, a new henchman
  • New Lair Equipment
    • Cabal Indoctrination Chamber, which changes the appearance of four other henchmen with a Cabal makeover
    • R.A.Y.G.U.N. Interrogation device, which uses a giant laser to help you “persuade” people
  • Accompanying side story objectives
  • New campaigns to unlock new Cabal Pack content

The Cabal Pack DLC is available starting right now for Evil Genius 2: World Domination and can be purchased on Steam either by itself or as part of the Evil Genius 2 Season Pass. If you buy the Cabal Pack by itself, it’s going to cost you $5. The Season Pass, on the other hand, runs for $25 and will include the following content:

  • The Cabal Pack
  • A lair items pack
  • Another henchmen pack
  • Two minion packs
  • A campaign pack

If you want to get the most out of Evil Genius 2: World Domination, the Season Pass will definitely pay for itself with the amount of content planned to be offered in it.

In our Evil Genius 2 review, we concluded that Evil Genius 2 was a fantastic game despite a lack of clarity in some tutorials and inconsistent enemy pathing. As a simulation strategy game, it’s one of the best games on PC. To get the most out of Evil Genius 2 and any other game you tackle on PC, be sure to invest in one of the best gaming keyboards on PC.

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