The few Galaxy Home Mini owners that exist get a new firmware update

The Galaxy Home Mini just got a new firmware update to version V310XXU1ATE3. It weighs 11MB and it seemingly brings stability improvements along with some changes to Bixby integration. The firmware update is rolling out now in South Korea, and that’s entirely expected given that the Galaxy Home Mini hasn’t been released anywhere else.This is the fifth firmware update the Galaxy Home Mini ever received since February 2020 when it was launched in limited quantities as an incentive for Galaxy S20 pre-orders in South Korea. The product hasn’t been sold separately since. It does have a dedicated product page on Samsung’s Korean portal complete with features lists, specifications, and customer reviews, but it can’t be purchased.The Galaxy Home Mini was designed as the centerpiece of the Samsung Smart Home ecosystem; a device that can be used to control various other smart devices, from air purifiers to smart TVs. In essence, it’s a smart speaker that’s deeply connected to Samsung’s smart product lineup, but for whatever reason, it hasn’t seen a widespread released yet.Having offered the Galaxy Home Mini as a pre-order bonus for the Galaxy S20 in South Korea, Samsung is seemingly testing the product with the help of a limited number of early adopters. But as yet, there’s no guarantee that the smart speaker will ever see the light of day as a stand-alone device sold on its own in or outside of South Korea. Given that the company keeps supporting this device with firmware updates, it could be that Samsung will use whatever lessons it learned to develop and fully release a second-gen model later down the line.

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