The Fan Edition (FE) Galaxy S24 model is in the works

Now that enough time has passed since the launch of the Galaxy S24, S24+, and S24 Ultra and the excitement is beginning to die down, Samsung has turned its attention towards the next device in the series, the Galaxy S24 FE.

According to GalaxyClub, Samsung is developing a new device that sports the codename R12. The Galaxy S20 FE, Galaxy S21 FE, and Galaxy S23 FE were codenamed R8, R9, and R11, so it’s pretty clear what the R12 is going to be (the Galaxy S22 FE was codenamed R10, but it was never released).

Except for the codename, no information is available about the Galaxy S24 FE. More was known about the Galaxy S23 FE at this time last year, which suggests that the Fan Edition Galaxy S24 model may arrive a few months late.

The Galaxy S23 FE was launched in October 2023 in some markets and got a wider release in early 2024, but based on the current state of the next phone’s development, the S24 FE may not be able to make it to any country before November at the earliest.

It also remains to be seen what the hardware specs of the Galaxy S24 FE will be. The Galaxy S23 FE had more in common with the Galaxy S22 and S22+ instead of the Galaxy S23 series, including the Exynos and Snapdragon chips that powered it. Samsung could take a similar approach for the S23 FE’s successor, though nothing can be said for certain right now.

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