The Buzzy Bees update comes to Minecraft on December 11

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Mojang has finally announced the official release date for Minecraft’s next feature update. The Buzzy Bees update is coming December 11 to the general public, and comes right in time for the holidays. The update will bring with it an all new passive mob, a ton of mechanics, ingredients and even a unique new building block in the honey block. The list of changes and additions is quite extensive, so Minecraft is getting an injection of life to get people playing the game before the start of the new year.

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Players will get to play with the brand new bees, a frankly adorable passive mob that comes with unique and clever mechanics and behaviors included. On top of that, the bees make honey (spoilers) which can be used to craft new blocks and adds new crafting recipes to the game.

Everything you need to know about Minecraft Bees

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Keep the bees


A lively world of bees, plus some other things

So much has already been said about Minecraft. How it’s a masterpiece, and a true, genuine classic. How it revolutionized the video game world. But did you know it has bees? That’s right, which makes the game even more awesome than it already was.

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