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The vast global spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus has resulted in a lot of people starting to work from home as part of safety measures to slow the spread. Unfortunately, that’s placed added demand on equipment such as laptops, making it very difficult to get hold of what you need right now. Fortunately, Best Buy has stepped up with a curb-side collection to keep supply running. Stock will vary from location to location, but Best Buy is also still shipping stock where they can. So, if you need a new budget laptop to work from home, these are the ones to get right now.

Staff favorite

It’s possible to get the best of both worlds with a budget convertible laptop, perfect for work and play. This model from HP is super-compact, which makes it great to use as a tablet when you’re not working, and it’s great to use in a home office when you are. You’re getting a Pentium processor and SSD storage, too, all at a great price with an excellent build quality.

$400 at Best Buy

ASUS knows how to make a great budget laptop, and with this one, you’re getting a 14-inch 1080p display, SSD storage, and a pretty competent Intel Core m3 processor. Besides good specs, ASUS also knows how to build a durable laptop, so even though you’re spending little, you’re still getting a lot for it.

$300 at Best Buy

If you rely on a laptop to work, then you might also want to ensure you have a beautiful big display to make that experience more comfortable. This 15-incher from Dell is powered by a quad-core AMD Ryzen processor, has a 15.6-inch display and speedy SSD storage. It’s also pretty slim for a 15-inch laptop, and very well built as you can expect from Dell.

$430 at Best Buy

Lenovo’s cheapest IdeaPad has always been a super little laptop, made even better by the fact you get a full year of Microsoft Office 365 included in the box. It won’t set performance records with an Intel Celeron processor, 4GB of RAM and eMMC storage, but it also won’t break the bank either. It’s highly durable, has a great keyboard, and is well worth what you pay for one.

$200 at Best Buy

Understandably with the increase in home-workers, the Surface Go is a hot ticket item, but if you’re happy to shop open box, you can snag one and save yourself a bit of cash. You’ll be getting the entry-level model, but the Surface Go is a proper Surface, with the same kickstand and flexibility, pen support, and iconic form factor with detachable keyboard.

$380 at Best Buy

If you just want an affordable laptop to get basic tasks and work done, then this is just the ticket. It uses AMD’s older A9 processor with R5 graphics, but it’s packaged up with SSD storage, HD display, and an impressive array of ports to connect all your accessories too. It’s well built, lightweight, and great value.

$270 at Best Buy

Laptop computing without breaking the bank

More and more people are working from home of late thanks to the ongoing global situation, leading many to need a laptop to get their work done efficiently. But it’s not all work all the time, and that’s where the HP Pavilion x360 makes such a good choice.

Being a convertible, you can fold the display around and use it as a tablet if you just want to chill out and watch a little Netflix after work is done for the day. It’s not the only high-quality, affordable choice out there, though, and both the ASUS ImagineBook and Dell Inspiron 15 are exceptional alternatives.

All of these make great choices, but each has something different about it, so be sure to consider which best fits your particular needs before pulling the trigger.

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