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Best Dell XPS 15 Compatible RAM Windows Central 2019

The easiest way to upgrade the performance of your Dell XPS 15 is to increase the RAM. The Corsair Vengeance Performance 32GB DDR4 kit is the perfect upgrade for the Dell XPS 15 (7590 and 9570), allowing you to really take advantage of the GTX GPU and Intel Core i7 processor. The more RAM you have, the more you can do at once on your notebook.

Your Dell XPS is made up of the main motherboard, the processor, GPU, RAM, and other components. While you can freely switch out the processor, GPU, and motherboard in a desktop PC, things aren’t so straightforward in notebooks. The RAM and storage are really the only two areas you will be able to touch without doing some advanced tinkering.

The Dell XPS 15 can be kitted out with up to 32GB of RAM from Dell, though you can get away with just 8GB on the base model. Windows 10 will work well with 8GB so long as you don’t want to do anything too intense. Having vast numbers of tabs open in Google Chrome will suck up multiple gigabytes alone.

Upgrading the RAM is the best way to boost the performance of your XPS 15.

When you run out of RAM, Windows will rely on the page file, which is essentially emulated RAM on the main storage device. The Dell XPS 15 has super-fast flash storage, but it’s still nowhere near as efficient than RAM modules. Therefore we’d recommend upgrading the RAM inside your XPS 15 if you notice some dips in performance.

Moving up to 16GB with the Crucial kit is a great way to boost the capabilities of the notebook, and if you already have 16GB with a GTX 1650 and Core i7 configurations, you’ll need to go up to 32GB with the Corsair kit. Once upgraded you’ll notice an immediate difference, especially if Task Manager shows you frequently hitting the limit.

The Corsair Vengeance Performance 32GB (2x16GB) kit is clocked at 2666MHz, runs at 1.2v, and has a latency rating of 18-19-19-39. These figures are pretty good for speedy notebook memory. We’ve also tried and tested these specific modules because not all RAM is supported. Need to know how to upgrade your RAM in the Dell XPS 15? We have you covered with an easy-to-follow guide, which was written for the XPS 15 9570 but should be valid for the newer 7590.


  • Great performance
  • The abundance of RAM
  • Reliable brand
  • 2666MHz speed
  • Compatible with the XPS 15


  • Pricey
  • Not everyone needs 32GB of RAM

You may not need 32GB of RAM or have the necessary funds to pick up two 16GB modules in a kit. This is where this Crucial 16GB kit comes into play. You will need to replace the existing module in your Dell XPS 15 laptop and use both of these Crucial RAM modules to ensure compatability and optimal performance, but this kit is vastly more affordable than our leading recommendation.

You’ll want to bump your XPS 15 up to at least 16GB to improve the performance considerably. Even if you don’t have the GTX 1650 and Intel Core i7 processor, it’s still worth doing and is really the only upgrade you can make without doing some advanced work. It’s also not completely out of the range of most budget-conscious XPS 15 owners.


  • Affordable
  • Reliable brand
  • 2666MHz speed
  • Compatible with the XPS 15


  • No good if you already have 16GB

Best Value

Crucial 16GB DDR4 Kit

Upgrade to 16GB of RAM for enhanced performance.

If you order the base model of the XPS 15, not only is this Crucial RAM kit reliable, but it’s also speedy.

Bottom line

The Corsair Vengeance Performance 32GB DDR4 kit is your go-to upgrade for an XPS 15 with 16GB of RAM. It’s quick, comes from a reputable brand known for reliable memory modules, and comes with a lifetime warranty.

If you don’t want to spend too much on RAM or only have 8GB to begin with, Crucial’s 16GB kit is a great upgrade to bring you up to 16GB of RAM for enhanced XPS 15 performance.

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