The best prices on Xbox controllers in January 2023

Xbox controllers are extremely versatile, and there could be a thousand and one reasons you’d need a new one. You might be replacing an older controller, upgrading from a broken one, adding another to your collection for some couch co-op, and more. Maybe you just want to go from the basic controller to one of Microsoft’s more advanced Elite controllers for better precision. Maybe you want the version with an adapter so you can use your controller on PC or laptop as the Xbox controllers are generally considered one of the best for playing games on Windows.

I don’t know your reasons, but I do know you want to save some money in the process. That’s what this roundup is for. We’ve collected as many first party and third party controllers as we can find that also happen to be going for something less than the MSRP. As we find new deals and new prices, we’ll add more options to the list so keep checking the roundup anytime you’re looking for new and exciting ways to save.

First-Party Xbox controller prices:

Xbox Core wireless controller

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Xbox Core wireless controller

Street Price:: $60 | Wireless?: Yes | Battery Life:: ~30 Hours | Compatibility:: Xbox, Windows, Android, iOS

This is the classic Xbox controller, the same one that would come with a brand new Xbox Series S or Series X console. It improves on the design from previous generations, and our review calls it the “most impressive standard controller” released yet.

As far as pricing goes, the basic colors (black, white) start at around $60. Some of the more advanced colorways like red and blue can jump up to around $65 or $70. However, if you’re looking to buy one you shouldn’t buy them for more than $50 as they regularly drop to that price. Sometimes you’ll get lucky and find them going for even less than that, but $50 is a great place to start for savings.

Xbox Elite Series 2 controller

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Xbox Elite Series 2 wireless controller

Street Price:: $180 | Wireless?: Yes | Battery Life:: ~40 Hours | Compatibility:: Xbox, Windows, Android, iOS 14+

While still a great controller and one of Microsoft’s most customizable pieces of hardware, the Elite Series 2 is getting a little dated at this point. Especially since Microsoft has introduced the Elite Series Core controllers, which offer much of the same customizability at a less expensive price. Of course, if you are really deep into personalizing your controller experience nothing can beat the classic Elite Series 2. 

Any amount of money you can save on this controller is a good price since it runs so expensive compared to basically any other controller. Don’t pay the $180 price when even Walmart often offers it for at least $10 off. Although many retailers are selling out these days, we have seen the Elite Series 2 go as low as $150 and even $140 sometimes. 

Xbox Elite Series 2 Core controller

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Xbox Elite Series 2 Core controller

Street Price:: $130 | Wireless?: Yes | Battery Life:: ~40 Hours | Compatibility:: Xbox, Windows, Android, iOS

Introduced in 2022, the Elite Series 2 Core is basically just a budget version of the Elite Series 2. It still has a lot of insane customizability, but it sacrifices a couple of the more advanced features and lowers the price. Read our review to see how we liked it. 

In January 2023 there was a deal for this controller that saw it drop down as low as $100 for a couple of hours. That was one of the best deals we’ve ever seen, but even if you miss out on a drop like that you can still save at least $10 pretty regularly. Again, this is another controller where you should never really have to pay full price.

Third-party Xbox controller prices:

GameSir G7 controller

Street Price:: $45 | Wireless?: No | Compatibility:: Xbox, Windows

We recently reviewed this controller and found it was a pretty great substitute if you’re looking for a slightly less expensive Xbox controller. Zachary Boddy noted the “rock-solid build quality, surprising number of features and additions, and an ease of use I simply wasn’t expecting.” All of that adds up to a worthy purchase, especially if you can save. 

While this is a relatively new controller, its basic street price is $44.99. If you can find it for less than that, you’re good, especially since a regular Xbox controller goes for at least $50 most of the time. Right now, the 5% off coupon on Amazon brings the total down to $42.74.

Razer Wolverine V2 Chroma white

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Razer Wolverine V2 Chroma controller

Street Price:: $150 | Wireless?: No | Compatibility:: Xbox, Windows

Jez Corden called this controller “one of the best Xbox controllers money can buy” in his review. The Razer Wolverine lineup has long been one of the best third-party controllers for the Xbox, and each new version has improved a lot on the previous versions. This one is no exception to that. Plus, the price makes it a great option if you want something more advanced than the basic Core controller but not as expensive as the Elite Series 2.

When you’re looking at the Wolverine lineup, don’t be afraid to look at some of the previous generations. For example, the Wolverine V2 (minus the Chroma), is still a very advanced Xbox controller. You can find it going for as low as just $69.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab). The V2 Chroma regularly sells for $150, and even when it does go on sale only drops as low as $130 or so. Right now the best deal is on the white version of the controller, which is close to $10 off at the moment.

PowerA Enhanced wired controller

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PowerA Enhanced controller

Street Price:: $38 | Wireless?: No | Compatibility:: Xbox, Windows

PowerA is a popular name when it comes to third party controllers and accessories, and this budget option for the Xbox One and Series S/X is a great way to go if money is a top priority. These controllers even when not on sale are significantly cheaper than even the basic Xbox Core controller. Shift through the multiple colorways to find a few going for as low as $30 or $28, but the best prices available at the moment drop to $25.99 (in Mist and Pink).

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