The best Intel CPU is down to just $365 for Cyber Monday

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Looking to upgrade your PC this Cyber Monday? Then you’ll be interested in this particular Intel deal on Amazon. Intel’s 10th Gen Comet Lake-S Core i9-10900F has picked up its first major discount and is on sale for just $365, making it a standout value.

Intel has lost its edge in recent years to AMD, but the 10th Gen Core i9 series is truly groundbreaking, and this deal makes the i9-10900F that much more enticing. The CPU doesn’t include an integrated GPU, so you will need to pair it with a dedicated graphics card. But you will need a discrete GPU anyway if you’re building a gaming PC, and the i9-10900F is a fantastic choice for gaming.

There are two key differences between the Core i9-10900F and the flagship Core i9-10900K: the i9-10900F isn’t an unlocked part — so you won’t be able to overclock it — and it is missing an integrated GPU, so you will need to pick up an NVIDIA or AMD GPU.

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But other than that, you get the same 10-core 20-thread design as the 10900K, and the 10900F goes up to 5.0GHz. The base frequency is lower at 2.8GHz, but in day-to-day use the i9-10900F is just as reliable as its costlier sibling. It has a 65W TDP, so it isn’t as power-hungry as the 10900K.

The rest of the features are identical to the 10900K, and if you are building a gaming PC and want a standout CPU, the Core i9-10900F is an excellent option. With the Cyber Monday deal bringing it down to just $365, you are getting a lot of value here.

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