The best fitness apps to help you hold on to your New Year’s resolution

New Year’s came and went, and boy does time fly! We’re already more than two weeks into January, and as some of you may know, today’s the day when many people drop their New Year’s resolutions and return to their regular lifestyles. It’s why today is known as “Quitter’s Day” or the Ditch New Year’s Resolution Day.” So, in case you find yourself walking down the same path again and lacking motivation, perhaps all you need is the right app, or set of apps, to keep you on the right track.

Below you’ll find a list of some of the best 3rd party mobile apps designed for fitness enthusiasts. Samsung Health should need no introduction at this point, but customers can complete their experience with the addition of apps such as Strava, RunKeeper, MapMyRun, Argus Mini Fitness Tracker, Workout Trainer, and Sworkit Fitness.

Save for the latter app, they’re all available for download from the Galaxy Store, and they’re compatible with Galaxy smartphones and/or smartwatches.

Below you can find download links and a short description for each app. They’re available for free, so you don’t have to spend a dime to stay in shape and get motivated.

  • Strava enables GPS tracking for running or riding bicycles. It also lets users follow friends, join challenges, and share photos. It’s a fantastic app for cyclists, and even offers segment leaderboards.
  • RunKeeper offers detailed fitness stats, coaching with built-in audio cues, and a calorie tracker among other features. Users can view a history of their activities over time, including running, walking, biking etc.
  • MapMyRun uses GPS to track your distance traveled, pace, speed, duration, and heart rate. And it lets Samsung Galaxy smartwatch owners customize their workout screens. It’s a fairly simple app, but it’s one that lets you track your GPS workout right on your watch.
  • Workout Trainer is available for the Galaxy Watch 4 smartwatch series and offers a rich feature set for your fitness needs. The app can monitor your heart rate during workouts and analyze your performance, schedule workouts and reminders, offer tips from trainers, and a lot more. It even has a Samsung Edge panel feature.
  • Sworkit Fitness is available on the Google Play Store, and it promises to deliver a fitness system that “understands your pain, frustration, and schedule.” It offers 6-week programs for beginners and advanced users and 1-on-1 assistance from certified personal trainers, among other benefits.
  • Lastly, Argus Mini Fitness Tracker is an older and simpler app but we included it because it was designed for the Galaxy Gear. So, if you’re still rocking the Gear in 2022, first of all, props to you. Secondly, Argus can provide you with accurate daily steps and calorie count. It also lets you create food diaries using photo snapping.

What’s your New Year’s resolution, and if it has to do with fitness, have you held on to your promises? Has your Samsung device helped you do so? And what’s your favorite fitness app to keep you motivated? Let us know in the comment section below.

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