The best early Black Friday Microsoft deals available right now

Microsoft has a lot of great reasons to get involved in Black Friday. I mean, it just announced entirely new hardware a couple of months ago. That is bound to impact what we see drop in price this year because we should see the older generations go on sale and we might even see brand-new low prices for the brand new gear. Don’t forget there’s also the Xbox Series S and Series X. The newest Microsoft gaming consoles should at the very least see a more steady supply during the holidays if not feature some interesting bundles and other deals. This year will be a great year to save on video games, Surface hardware, laptops, and more.

Last year’s Black Friday was notable because everything shifted to online shopping. We’ve been saying for years that online shopping is the better way to go for Black Friday anyway, and now it’s the definitive way because it looks like this year’s event will also have a very strong online presence. Turns out, saving money is better when you don’t have to fight off the Horde to do it. What makes this even better if you’re looking for Microsoft deals is that Microsoft has a great online store and a huge online presence across multiple retailers. Where there is a Black Friday sale, there is bound to be something from Microsoft in it.

Where to find the best Black Friday Microsoft deals?

The answer to that question really depends on what you’re looking for, and Microsoft covers such a broad range of products that it could be just about anything. If you’re looking for the latest and greatest Surface hardware and hoping to find it on sale, which isn’t necessarily a guarantee considering how new some of it is, then keep an eye out on the Microsoft store. Are you looking for software like Game Pass or Microsoft 365? Amazon has had quite a few good deals on both. Or do you just want a great Windows laptop? Well, you can find deals on those in a number of places.

Did you know Microsoft actually has dedicated sections at major retailers? In addition to the regular Microsoft store, those would be great places to look for more deals.

Want some specific deals straight from Microsoft? Try these landing pages:

When do the Black Friday Microsoft deals begin?

Black Friday is officially Friday, Nov. 26, but the real deals have already started. Honestly, the moment Microsoft announced a new Surface Pro 8 back in September we started seeing great deals on the Surface Pro 7, which isn’t a bad device even if it’s an older generation. If you can deal with not having the latest and the greatest, that will be the sweet spot for Microsoft deals this year. Those “one generation out” devices that retailers will be looking to clear from their shelves are going to already be discounted from Microsoft and then on sale for a little bit more just for the sake of Black Friday.

Also keep an eye out for other sales from major retailers, like Walmart’s Black Friday Deals for Days sale or Best Buy’s early Black Friday sale. You might have to sort through some non-Microsoft stuff, but you should definitely find a few great deals available.

Black Friday Microsoft Surface deals

The Surface lineup is just getting bigger and better every year. Whether you’re looking for something new like the Surface Pro 8 or something unique like the Surface Duo 2, we will have an eye on all of the best deals right here.

Black Friday Microsoft software deals

If you want to play all the latest games, especially new holiday titles like Forza Horizon 5 or Halo Infinite, then you’ll probably want to get a Game Pass membership. Microsoft’s subscription service often goes on sale during the holidays and gives you access to hundreds of games to play, whether you have an Xbox or play on PC. You might also be interested in something like Microsoft 365 if you need to worry more about your productivity. Here are some great deals on both.

Black Friday Microsoft Series X/S deals

Whether you need the actual gaming console or you just need some accessories to go with the one you’ve already got, save some money on the Series X with these deals.

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