The best Cyber Monday 2019 deals on PC hardware and accessories

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Cyber Monday is fast approaching (Black Friday is still ongoing!) and already we’re seeing many deals go live on Amazon and other retailers. We’ve rounded up some of our favorites for PC components, pre-built hardware, and accessories. Be sure to keep your eyes on this page to see what other deals we uncover.

Newest Deals

Cyber Monday isn’t quite as wild as Black Friday, but there are still many deals that pop-up and could go under your radar, which is why we’ll publish all the deals we’ve recently spotted right here for you to browse through.

12 of the best Black Friday deals you can still buy right now!


When it comes to processors, you have the choice between AMD and Intel. Even more powerful processors with eight cores and beyond are on sale right now.


The GPU is the heart of your gaming rig, allowing you to play all your favorite games. We always recommend spending as much as you can on the GPU to avoid buying yet another upgrade sooner.


RAM has jumped up in price, especially DDR4 modules, but it has since dropped back down and with Cyber Monday, you can score a good deal on various sized kits.


The SSD is what you’ll want to store your OS and frequently-used software and games on. They’re much faster than traditional mechanical drives, and are much more affordable these days. We’ve separated our SSDs into M.2 and SATA SSD.


A good router can make all the difference in the home or small office. If you’re struggling with sub-par Wi-Fi signal or don’t have some of the features you’d like to gain access to, check out these hot router deals.


There’s no point having a stunning, powerful PC if your monitor isn’t great. These discounted panels are a great companion for any desktop PC.

Gaming PCs

Don’t want to build your own PC? No problem! These pre-built PCs are good-to-go as soon as it’s plugged in and they’re on sale right now.

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