The best benefits that the American Express Business Gold Card offers

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The American Express® Business Gold Card personalizes your 4X points to the two select categories where you spend the most each month. It’s a solid points back card that also has impressive benefits that focus on helping you run your business.

Manage Cash Flow

The American Express® Business Gold Card is built with flexible solutions for managing cash flow. The card offers a “Pay Over Time” option that lets you carry a balance with interest on purchases of $100 or more, up to the amount of your Pay Over Time limit on your account. You can choose to pay for these purchases over time with interest, or you can pay your full balance, whichever is best for your business. However, remember that all purchases under $100 are always due in full each month.

The Business Gold Card also comes with no pre-set spending limit, which gives you purchasing power as business expenses fluctuate. Keep in mind that no preset spending limit does not mean unlimited spending. Purchasing power adjusts with your use of the Card, your payment history, credit record and financial resources, and other factors.

Expense Management Tools

To help you manage the expenses you use your card for, American Express provides you with a number of tools, like direct integration with Quickbooks. Label and transfer your transaction data from your American Express® Business Gold Card online statement directly into your QuickBooks account after you enroll it with the software.

Spend ManagerSM is a great feature available to cardholders that help you manage your card expenses by allowing you to upload copies of receipts and notes to your transactions either via the American Express website or the Amex mobile app.

Other management tools include year-end summaries that help you organize all of your expenses, adding employee cards that earn rewards for your main account, and the ability to designate an Account Manager to take care of things like making payments, reviewing transactions, and adding Employee Cards.

Even more benefits

In addition to all of the business focused benefits that the American Express® Business Gold Card offers, there are quite a few more that you can take advantage of. For those who travel for business some benefits include Premium Roadside Assistance, Baggage Insurance, Travel Accident Insurance, and Car Rental Loss and Damage Insurance. For all of those purchases that you make with your card, you can enjoy additional benefits such as Extended Warranties, Purchase Protection, and Return Protection.

The American Express® Business Gold Card is a points powerhouse for the purchases you make the most, and the card comes with so many benefits to help you manage and protect those purchases.

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