The 8BitDo N30 Wireless mouse looks like an NES controller had a baby mouse

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Have you ever wanted a mouse that combines the retro fashion of a classic NES controller with modern features? If so, you’re in luck because 8BitDo just announced the N30 Wireless Gaming Mouse (via Nintendo Life). The mouse’s design emulates the classic NES controller, but it uses a 2.4Ghz connection to connect to PCs.

The boxy little mouse has a gray body that will look familiar to any retro gamer. It has two red buttons akin to the A and B buttons from the NES controller as left and right-click buttons. A 3-D touch panel sits between those red buttons for scrolling websites and other content, and a D-pad sits on the side of the controller to navigate websites.

According to 8BitDo, a single AA battery will power the mouse for 100-120 hours.

8BitDo makes several gaming accessories geared towards retro gamers, including the SF30 Pro and SN30 Pro gamepads. Now, you can play PC games with a mouse or gamepad inspired by classic Nintendo systems.


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