The beta for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition focuses on parity

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Mojang Studios is rolling out another beta on top of the Nether Update that follows the previous 1.16.2 update from earlier this month. The new beta for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition features a surprisingly extensive changelog that ranges from parity changes to bug fixes to new features for creators. There are no new mobs, or anything of that sort, but it’s still a solid release with lots of improvements.

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The highlights from this beta include:


  • Brewing Stand can now be crafted with Blackstone
  • Players can now spawn farmland with the /give command and pick it with Pick Block
  • Cod and Salmon killed by fire damage now drop cooked fish

Performance & stability

  • Fixed a crash that occurred when entering a game with specific texture packs enabled
  • Adding tags to the Ender Dragon will no longer crash the game when reloading the world


  • Fence gates now align with Blackstone Walls
  • Placing blocks on Crimson Roots and Warped Roots will now properly remove the roots
  • Target blocks no longer power additional blocks above them
  • Cocoa Beans can now be placed on and survive on all jungle wood variants


  • Mobs in lava were not able to find a path out. This fix makes it so they can enter a lava block if they are already in lava
  • Pathfinding will now account for “minecraft:scale'” component
  • Updated BrewingStand, ButtonBlock, ChestBlock, EnderChestBlock, SlabBlock, and SoulSandBlockblock types to allow path-finding and navigation

As mentioned before, there are also lots of changes for creators, other bug fixes, and much more. If you’re interested, be sure to check out the full changelog for the beta. Otherwise, check out our guide to joining the Minecraft beta to find out how you can test these early builds.

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