Tensor G3 leaked specs shine some light on Exynos 2400 chip

Samsung is expected to bring back Exynos chips to its high-end phones with the Galaxy S24 series early next year, at least in some regions. While there is no concrete information about the Exynos 2400 specifications yet, the chip is said to have as many as nine CPU cores and an upgraded AMD Radeon-based GPU.

Now, specifications of Google’s Tensor G3 processor have been leaked, and it could shine some light on the Exynos 2400.

Google Tensor G3 processor uses a nine-core CPU with the latest ARM cores

ARM Cortex X4, A720, A520 CPU Cores

According to a report from Android Authority, the Tensor G3 has a nine-core CPU. It reportedly features one Cortex-X3 CPU core clocked at 3GHz, four Cortex-A715 CPU cores clocked at 2.45GHz, and four Cortex-A510 CPU cores clocked at 2.15GHz. These are the highest number of CPU cores ever seen in the Tensor lineup of processors. These are also ARM’s latest CPU cores that were unveiled a few days ago. This chipset will reportedly be fabricated using Samsung Foundry’s improved 4nm (4LPP) process, bringing efficiency improvements.

The Tensor G3 also features ARM’s latest GPU: Immortalis-G715. Google’s next flagship chipset has ten Immortalis-G715 GPU cores clocked at 890MHz, capable of hardware-accelerated ray tracing. Google has reportedly also upgraded its Samsung MFC (Multi-Format Codec), which now has the capability to encode/decode 8K 30fps videos in H.264 and HEVC formats.

ARM Immortalis-G715 G715 G615 GPU

Google’s new chip also uses Samsung’s UFS controller, which is compatible with UFS 4.0 storage, an upgrade from Tensor G2’s UFS 3.1 storage compatibility. It helps in faster app opening times, faster installation, and faster general performance. Google isn’t changing the built-in Exynos 5300 modem that was used in the Tensor G2. Instead, it is using a slightly different version of the Exynos 5300 in the Tensor G3, so major improvements are not expected.

Exynos 2400 could use a CPU structure similar to Tensor G3

Since Tensor chips are co-developed by Samsung’s System LSI arm and are loosely based on Exynos chips, we can expect a lot of similar features in the Exynos 2400. It is rumored that the Exynos 2400 has a nine-core CPU structure similar to the Tensor G3, but the GPU will be an upgraded Xclipse version, based on AMD RDNA2, with 4x more cores and performance.

The Exynos 2400 could use the same UFS 4.0 storage and LPDDR5X RAM. However, the modem inside the Exynos 2400 could be newer for faster and more efficient performance on cellular networks. As with the previous chip, Samsung could add support for 4K 120fps video encoding/decoding. It could also be capable of 8K30fps video encoding and 8K 60fps video decoding. It could bring GNSS, 5G, Wi-Fi 7, Bluetooth 5.3, and NFC support.

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