Telegram update brings search filters, channel comments, anonymous group admins

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This week’s drop of Telegram features is particularly interesting and useful for several reasons. Well actually Telegram feature drops are almost always interesting and useful but if you need to search through a ton of messages or if you want to be able to comment on channels or if you need to protect the privacy of group admins, then this week is for you. The update brings users search filters for easier searching, letting group admins choose to be anonymous, channel comments, and new keyboard and emoji animations.

If you have a lot of chats going on in Telegram, having good search filters is crucial to make your life easier. You will now be able to filter your search results by type: Media, Links, Files, etc. You can also just search by time period by entering the date or time period. You can also search by source by typing the name of a person, group, channel. So if you combine the search filters, you can look for something like messages with a link sent last month with the word puppies.

Telegram is a popular messaging app for organizing protests especially in light of various issues we’re facing right now. Its encrypted platform is a good place to plan these protests, update relevant people, etc. Admins of groups can now choose to become anonymous by toggling the “Remain Anonymous” button in admin rights. Your messages in the chat will be signed with the group name and you’re basically “hiding in plain sight” among the group members.

You will also now have a comment button on posts in the channel with discussion groups. This way, it’s easier to read through and manage conversations within the channel. They will show up in a mini thread of its own but will also show up in the discussion group. You also now get new Android keyboard animations as well as animated emoji so your reactions to whoever you’re talking to will become more, well, animated.

You can now update your Telegram app to the latest version. And if you’re still not on board this messaging app, go and check it out and you might find yourself becoming a convert.

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