Telegram update brings profile videos, better people nearby, mini-thumbnails, 2GB file sharing

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Telegram has already brought several major updates to the app this year alone but there seems to be no stopping the messaging app. The latest update brings a lot of new things like profile videos, improved People Nearby feature, mini-thumbnails for picture messages, better group stats, and several other Android-exclusive features. Plus they have also increased the maximum size of file sharing from 1.5GB to 2GB. If you’re not yet on Telegram, they have a lot of features (and they keep adding more) that would actually tempt you to get on it.

If you prefer a moving profile, you will now be able to upload a video as your profile. You can even choose any frame for your static profile in your various chats. The media editor will help enhance your quality and even lets you add animated stickers to it. You will also be able to quickly switch back to your previous profile photo or video. The media editor also now has a soften skin option in case you want to, well, soften your skin in a photo from the front-facing camera.

The People Nearby feature now tells you how far away that person is and will suggest a greeting sticker to “break the ice”. You will also now be able to automatically archive and mute new chats from people who are not in your contacts through a toggle in the Privacy and Security settings. You will still be able to access the chats in case you change your mind in the Archives folder, which will then bring it back to the main chat list.

You will also now be able to see mini-thumbnails in your notifications, message results, and chat lists when someone sends you a picture. Owners of groups with 500 and above members will now be able to see detailed graphs of their activities and growth, top members, and average message length. There are also some features exclusive for Android users, like a redesigned music player with an expandable track list, the message bar grows as you type a long message, and video editor now lets you crop and rotate videos.

Lastly, Telegram will now let you send files as big as 2GB as compared to the 1.5GB limit previously. The desktop version now lets you sign in with up to 3 accounts from different numbers and you get more animated emoji as well. Update Telegram to the latest version to enjoy all of these new features and updates.

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