Telegram update brings new video features, 1-month auto-delete, more tools

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Just the other day we were telling you about what to expect in a future Telegram update but here we are getting those beta update features plus a whole lot more. This stable update brings a lot of new video tools and improvements plus the 1-month history auto-delete mentioned in the beta. There are also new things like Precision Drawing, passcode and message sending animations, plus password reminders. As always, Telegram updates are always something to look forward to and this is no exception.

To review the video features that rolled out in beta previously but are now in the stable update, video messages can be expanded and now have higher resolution. You can also now control the video playback speed as it supports 0.5x, 1.5x, 2x, and 0.2x playback speeds. You can also now do screen sharing with sound on 1-on-1 video calls and switch back and forth between your screen and your camera. There’s also a video preview so you can check things first before sharing.

There are also other new video features that are part of this update. Group video calls can now let 1000 people watch whether it’s a live performance or online lectures or a video tutorial. They plan to expand that to more viewers in the future. You can also now tap on a timestamp on a video to copy and paste the exact moment you want to share in a chat. The audio from your device will also now continue playing when you record. And if you use your rear camera to record, you can pinch to zoom in.

As mentioned in the beta update, you can now also set your chat history to auto-delete after one month when previously it was only 1 day or 1 week. You also now have a precision drawing feature in your media editor that decreases your brush width as you zoom in so your decorating skills can be more, well, precise. There are also now animated backgrounds when you enter your passcode lock screen plus animations when you’re sending a message, similar to when sending emojis and stickers.

There will also now be a prompt to help you check if you still remember your password. And if you forget it, you can reset it even without a recovery email as long as you’re still logged into your Telegram account.

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