Telegram can now record live streams and video chats

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Telegram recently rolled out an update that adds support for interactive emojis and read receipts in small groups. It also includes eight new themes and the ability to record live streams and video chats. The update is available for several platforms, including Android, iOS, and Windows 10.

Telegram already supported animated emojis, but interactive emojis expand expression further. If two people have a chat open, animations and vibrations will occur simultaneously on each device. The 🎆, 🎉, 🎈, 👍, 💩, and ❤️ emojis support this feature at the moment.

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Here’s the changelog from Telegram’s listing on the Microsoft Store:


  • Some animated emoji now have extra effects.
  • Send :fireworks: :tada:, :balloon:, :like:, :poop: or :heart: to any private chat, then click on the animated emoji to launch the effect.
  • If your chat partner also has the chat open, you will both see the effects.
  • See the “Watching” status when your chat partner is enjoying emoji effects with you.
  • More interactive emoji coming soon.


  • Right click one of your outgoing messages in small groups to see who recently viewed it.
  • To protect privacy, read receipts are only stored for 7 days after the message was sent.


  • Record video and audio from live broadcasts in your group or channel.
  • Admins can start recording from the Settings menu (⋯).
  • Choose between recording in portrait or landscape orientation.
  • Finished recordings are sent to the admin’s Saved Messages and can be easily shared.

Telegram also has a blog post on the update, including photos, videos, and longer descriptions of the new features. Earlier this month, Telegram 8.0 rolled out as well, including support for unlimited viewers of live streams.

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