Teams gains new options for organizers to control audio permissions

Microsoft Teams meetings and organizers just gained new options for audio permissions. Support for the new options is rolling out now, according to the Microsoft 365 roadmap, and gives organizers and presenters greater control over meetings.

Within Teams meetings, presenters and organizers can now prevent individual people from unmuting rather than having to prevent all attendees from unmuting. Additionally, attendees don’t have to request to speak before an organizer can allow them to unmute.

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Here’s Microsoft’s description of the feature, as found on the Microsoft 365 roadmap:

Meeting presenters and organizers can manage attendee audio permissions with greater flexibility. Attendees no longer must request to speak for the organizer or presenters to allow them to unmute, and presenters and organizers can prevent individual attendees from unmuting instead of all attendees at once.

These new options make it easier to manage large meetings and streamline the process of allowing people to speak during a meeting.

Generally, it’s worth taking any dates on the Microsoft 365 roadmap with a grain of salt. The dates are always subject to change and aren’t meant to be firm deadlines. That being said, this new feature is marked as “Rolling out,” so it is already in the process of becoming available.

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