TCL working on a concept phone with a slide-out display

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The question of whether foldable phones are worth it or not will always be asked until most of the foldable devices released in the market no longer have major issues. The idea of a foldable phone is good but we think it’s not yet ready. See what happened to the first-gen Samsung Galaxy Fold. Displays of the review units were breaking, prompting the South Korean tech giant to make changes. A Samsung Galaxy Z Flip unit showed some cracked screen.

There’s also the Huawei Mate X whose foldable display is said to be not so sturdy as well. As for the Motorola RAZR, the new-gen Razr received not so good early impressions.

The Motorola foldable phone gave up after 27,000 folds but the company isn’t bothered. The latest we heard was a Motorola RAZR screen found to be cracking and peeling after one week. A teardown treatment also revealed the device is not that repairable.

We may have to think twice before getting a foldable phone these days. We know those problems have solutions but it may still take time.

Instead of another foldable phone, TCL is considering a phone with a slide-out display. There is no confirmation yet as these are only leaked images of a concept phone.

The TCL phone with a slide-out screen is only an idea but it could become a reality. A prototype is believed to be ready by next week. With the slide-out screen idea, the display will be bigger.

An ordinary phone can extend to a tablet if we are to look at the concept phone. The images here are only rendered but you get the idea. Supposedly, the phone would be shown off at the MWC 2020 but we all know it’s been canceled already. TCL hasn’t sent out a statement or even a teaser so let’s just wait and see.

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