Takeout now lets you export specific Google Photos albums

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While they of course would love to just keep you within their eco-system, Google has also made it easier to move your data from their service to another. Takeout is their data portability tool that has been around for years to help you move specific data or information to another service or to just back them up without transferring to another device. Now they are bringing some improvements to how you apply Takeout on Google Photos by letting you export specific albums only if you prefer.

Google Photos is probably one of the Google products where a lot of data is stored especially if you take or store a lot of photos. But in case you wanted to switch to another photo cloud storage, Takeout makes it easier for you to do so. The tool has now been updated so that when you do your Takeout process, you will be able to choose specific albums that you want to move somewhere else.

When you start exporting Google Photos, you’ll see a new selection button where you can choose from having all photos and albums exported to just ticking certain albums that are listed there. This way you can just choose which one you want to backup or transfer without having to choose all every time you would do it. Currently, your only choices for direct export would be Flickr and Microsoft Drive.

Takeout’s principles have also been applied to the Data Transfer Project that Google founded and “continues to lead” with other tech giants Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook, and Apple. They have made it easier for consumers to back up and export their data from one service to another, rather than forcing them to stay with something they don’t find useful anymore. They emphasize that the more services that join them, the more practical it is for people to try out other services as well.

If you haven’t tried out the Takeout tool on Google Photos yet, you can do so now that you can just choose which ones you want to try to backup and export. This is just in case the day comes when you’d want to move somewhere else.

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