Take-Two plans to release over 60 games by 2024

Shortly after announcing that GTA V will hit Xbox Series X this November, Rockstar parent company Take-Two held its fourth quarter earnings call today where it revealed how well the Grand Theft Auto series has sold and how many upcoming games we can look forward to.

As it turns out, Take-Two has a lot of games in the pipeline across its studios (via ZhugeEX). Between now until the end of Take-Two’s fiscal year in 2024, it plans to release over 60 games, many of which are “immersive core,” according to the company, likely coming to Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. The rest make up mobile, independent, mid-core, and new iterations of previously released titles.

It’s unclear what most of these releases will be, but you can safely bet on your annual sports games alongside a potential BioShock that 2K Games is cooking up and a title coming from Gearbox. As for GTA 6, it’s unlikely to release within a year. However, it’s not out of the realm of possibility it could hit store shelves sometime before 2024.

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In some other interesting sales news, Take-Two revealed how well its blockbuster series have done. Grand Theft Auto has sold in a total of 345 million copies, 145 million of which are from GTA V alone. Red Dead Redemption 2 has passed 37 million sales, Borderlands 3 has sold in about 13 million, and the BioShock series crossed 37 million. Take-Two has plenty of successful series on its hands considering these numbers.

Take-Two makes some of the best Xbox games out there, and we could be adding more to that list in the near future. With E3 less than a month away, we’ll see just what Take-Two has up its sleeves for us.

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