T-Mobile’s latest ad campaign blasts Verizon’s lack of 5G coverage maps

T-Mobile has been known for launching ad campaigns in direct and blatant opposition of its competitors. The latest campaign is called “VerHIDEzon” which refers to Verizon’s lack of a 5G coverage map. T-Mobile claims that Verizon charges more for 5G service, yet doesn’t offer any way for customers to see exactly where they can expect service, particularly, a coverage map.

This is technically true – Verizon doesn’t offer a traditional map of its 5G coverage – T-Mobile didn’t mention that Verizon does offer a list of cities where 5G coverage is available with a list of locations within those cities, in addition to several NFL stadiums, where customers can find 5G.

If you really wanted to make sure Verizon 5G coverage is available, the carrier also lets you check whether your address is covered by 5G and lets you set up a notification in the event 5G does pop-up at your address.

T-Mobile’s latest ad campaign blasts Verizon’s lack of 5G coverage maps

We do agree it would be nice to have a more detailed map with coverage strength. This could help anticipate whether 5G coverage could potentially be available indoors or only outside.

T-Mobile also took the opportunity to mention its plans to diversify its 5G network with high-band (mmWave), mid-band, and low-band spectrum – which would be possible should the controversial merger be approved by US regulators. T-Mobile also mentions it doesn’t plan to charge its customers more for access to its 5G network.

I have to say that, personally, this isn’t one of my favorite T-Mobile ad campaigns. It feels like T-Mobile is whistleblowing on a technicality. Besides, ‘VerHIDEzon’ doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.

Come on T-Mobile, you can do better.

Source | T-Mobile 5G coverage maps

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