T-Mobile Connect launches, 2-month YouTube Premium for T-Mobile users

T-Mobile was supposed to launch later this year once the merger with Sprint was finalized a new product called T-Mobile Connect, which would offer plans for users who want to be connected but would also like something more affordable. Due to these “trying times” with the COVID-19 pandemic, they have now decided to launch it earlier than scheduled so people can take advantage of the low rates. Metro by T-Mobile, their prepaid brand, is also now offering lower-cost options. Plus, T-Mobile and YouTube Premium are teaming up to give free two-month subscription for users.

T-Mobile Connect is a plan that offers $15/month plus tax for unlimited call and text, 2GB high-speed smartphone data, including 5G network. It’s actually half of the un-carrier’s lowest-priced plan. They also have a $25/month plan where users get 5GB of data. They have an Annual Data Upgrade where customers get an additional 500MB data every month for the next five years. This new product is officially available starting March 25.

Meanwhile, prepaid carrier Metro by T-Mobile is offering lower-priced plans starting March 25 as well. They have a $15 plan with unlimited calls and texts plus 2GB data but it will only last for the next two months. For new and current customers with any voice line, you can get a free 8” tablet with a $15 unlimited tablet data plan. The freebie will be thorough rebate redemption though. MetroSmart Hotspot devices will also be 50% off for the next two months. So you just have to pay $35 per month and you get 20GB data, which is double the normal monthly data for this plan.

As part of their ongoing T-Mobile Tuesday treats, the un-carrier’s subscribers can now get two months free subscription to YouTube Premium. They’ll be able to watch videos ad-free, get offline viewing, and also play videos in the background if you need to work on other apps. You need to save this offer by April 21 and redeem it by May 1. You’ll be charged $11.99 per month after two months unless you cancel your subscription.

They’re also offering a four-week online course through Shaw Academy, in case your brain is starting to atrophy while you stay at home. You need to save and redeem this offer by April 13. T-Mobile is hoping these are incentives for you to not just subscribe to them but also to practice “shelter in place” during these times.

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