SUUNTO 7 smartwatch receives latest Wear OS update

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SUUNTO 7 Wear OS Update September 2020

The SUUNTO 7 was announced in early January with dozens of new sports modes and fitness tracking features. The smartwatch runs on a 12-hour battery and Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100. It comes with GPS plus a host of important Google features and services like Google Fit, Google Assistant, Google Play, and Google Pay. The wearable device runs on Wear OS and a new update is ready as promised. Specifically, the updated version is Wear OS H-MR2. The device is actually the first to receive the major Wear OS update.

The Wear OS update enhances the speed of the apps and functions of the smartwatch. Launching an app is faster now by 20% according to Google. The improvement will only be evident once the software update is applied. With the added speed, you can expect better overall performance.

As with other Wear OS watches, you can enjoy the Handsfree timer that can be used when washing your hands. This pandemic has taught us to wash hands frequently and do many other things to keep ourselves clean, healthy, and safe. A simple app like a timer helps.

Another addition is the revamped Weather information widget. Pairing a watch and a phone is also made easier and more convenient with Wear OS. You may also take advantage of the new Route Navigation. Feel free to come up with your own route, sync ut to your smartwatch, and use the other tracks from different services available within the Suunto app.

The Suunto watch has a new Low Power always-on display. You can keep it awake when you need it during an exercise or workout without a battery drain, thanks to a Battery-saving GPS mode. Your Suunto app can definitely show popular starting points. Wear OS also delivers other performance optimizations, language translation improvements, and several bug fixes.

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