Surviving Mars ‘Below and Beyond’ DLC officially arrives next week

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Surviving Mars Below And Beyond Key ArtSource: Paradox Interactive

Below and Beyond DLC is a paid expansion for Surviving Mars that will add plenty of reasons for players to get excited, including:

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  • Underground mining
  • Asteroid mining and rocket-propelled buildings and tools
  • Underground base building with cave systems, lava tubes, potential cave-ins, new underground buildings, and more
  • New technology research with Recon and Expansion research trees, which unlock the new tech and equipment for other Below and Beyond features

The Below and Beyond DLC for Surviving Mars officially releases on Sept. 7 for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, PlayStation, and PC through multiple platforms like Steam and GOG. When it launches, Below and Beyond will cost $20 USD.

Alongside Below and Beyond, Surviving Mars is also gaining the Mars Lifestyle Radio Pack DLC, which will feature 16 new original tracks for the game. The Mars Lifestyle Radio Pack will cost $4.

You can watch the trailer for the Below and Beyond DLC for Surviving Mars above, or check out some slick screenshots of the expansion below.

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