Survey says 65% of Windows 7 users will upgrade to Windows 11

Windows 11 Start SurfaceproSource: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central

Windows 11‘s official announcement is less than 24 hours away. Before Microsoft’s livestream to showcase the new operating system, Windows Report held a survey to gauge people’s thoughts. The survey covers if people are concerned about updating to a new operating system, what people expect from Windows 11, and if people have heard about the OS at all.

Results consist of responses from over 6,000 participants. Over 31% of results come from people in the United States. In total, Windows Report received responses from 152 countries.

Windows Report highlights five takeaways from the survey:

  1. Windows 7 users are thrilled about the new OS, with 65% willing to finally upgrade
  2. A third of users are actually expecting Microsoft to release a full, separate version of Windows
  3. Half of polled readers want a fast interface and a design overhaul
  4. Losing data while upgrading is a big fear factor, with 9% of users refusing to upgrade because of that possibility
  5. Windows 11 might bring a boom in sales, as 8% of users are willing to buy a new device to upgrade

The most surprising takeaway may be that Windows 7 users seem excited about a new operating system. Three versions of Windows have rolled out since Windows 7, so people holding onto the now out-of-support OS don’t seem like the demographic that’d be keen to upgrade. But that may not be an entirely accurate perception, given the figures from the survey.

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While many seem excited about the concept of Windows 11, 9% of polled participants expressed concern over losing data when upgrading. While upgrades to new versions of Windows are supposed to be seamless, there have been issues with Windows 10 updates over the last six years, including deleting people’s files.

In addition to these highlights, it’s interesting to note that 23% of polled participants haven’t heard of Windows 11. Those results are a good reminder that while Windows Central readers are likely up to date on the latest Windows 11 scoops, a large portion of people haven’t even heard of the OS.

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