Surface Pro X now lets Your Phone make clear calls

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One of the best things about the Your Phone app is that you can make calls from your computer without having to bring out your smartphone if you want to keep it away. But the Microsoft Surface Pro X seemed to lack that functionality even if you could install the app already. Now the latest update to the device is finally bringing that feature, although it seems to be available only for those who are in the Windows Insider Release Preview program.

Windows Central reports that a new hardware update is now rolling out for the Surface Pro X. It seems to not be for everyone just yet but for those who signed up for the Insider program. Microsoft’s update tracker makes no mention of it just yet and so this may still be in the early testing phase. But the firmware update, named System Hardware Update – 5/14/2020 refreshes several things like the UEFI, SAM, and Wi-Fi Driver.

But of course none of those will make sense to ordinary users. What is important is that after you’ve updated your Surface Pro X to this latest version, you will now be able to make calls on the Your Phone app from your computer. You also need to update the Your Phone app on, well, your phone, to version 1.20051.88.0 so it should work perfectly. Well at least on paper it should work once it rolls out.

Actually, previously, you could make calls on the Surface Pro X but the sound was pretty garbled and basically useless. The firmware and the app update should fix this problem. There are also probably other bug fixes and improvements as there are updates to the elements we mentioned earlier, but we don’t know the user-end effects just yet.

No news yet as to when the update will roll out for all Microsoft Surface Pro X users. Let’s wait for an official announcement from Microsoft, which should also carry the other details on what changes they’re bringing to the laptop/tablet hybrid.

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