Surface Laptop 2 update makes hibernation a little more stable

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There’s a fresh update rolling out for Surface Laptop 2 owners, but don’t expect a long list of fixes. The firmware update is a tiny one, only containing a single fix related to hibernation.

According to Microsoft’s release notes, this update adds more stability while the Surface Laptop 2 is hibernating. If you were hitting any snags with hibernation before, this may be the fix you were looking for. Here’s how Microsoft puts it:

  • Surface – Firmware – 138.3261.768.0: Improves device stability during hibernate.

This is the second firmware update released for Surface Laptop 2 in July. The previous update, released on July 17, added reliability fixes for the Surface Dock 2, along with fixes for touch and pen issues.

The Surface Laptop 2 has been supplanted by the Surface Laptop 3, which launched last fall. Alongside the usual 13.5-inch model, Microsoft also added a 15-inch model to the mix.

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