Surface Duo users on Verizon have to do one extra step to get SMS to work

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Surface Duo 2020Source: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central

Microsoft’s Surface Duo launched this week, and people trying to use the device on Verizon’s network are running into issues with SMS messaging. According to several people in a thread on the Surface Duo subreddit, the Surface Duo fails to register a phone number for RCS messaging and cannot receive SMS messages. Luckily, there is a simple solution to this issue, switching to CDMA-less for your Surface Duo.

To switch your account to CDMA-less, you need to contact Verizon support. According to people in the thread, you can do this by either calling Verizon or using the company’s online chat tool. Once switched, the fix works immediately. Multiple people within the thread said that they were up and running within minutes.

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Verizon has a handy page with three ways to contact the company. You can chat with someone online, call Verizon, or schedule a callback from the company.

It’s unfortunate that people on Verizon need to do anything extra to get the Surface Duo to work with their carrier, but at least there’s a simple fix for the issue.

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