Surface Duo camera to receive a major update from Microsoft

Surface Duo camera software update September 2020

The Microsoft Surface Duo was officially announced last month. It went up for pre-order and was made ready for mobile productivity, with side by side views, and is ideal for most tasks. We’ve seen the dual-screen design and internals as shown off in a video. It comes with enterprise-level security by Microsoft and high benchmark scores. A source said it outperforms other flagship devices. The device was also promised with three years of Android upgrades and the first software update is now available. It’s mainly for the camera and it is a major update.

Microsoft is set to release an official update. Some features are being tested for the next major update due in October. The Surface Duo’s camera will be updated with the following: Image Refiner, Photo Solid, zzHD, and Multi-Frame support. The camera-centric release will bring an AI-based automatic image optimizer.

It’s not clear but Photo Solid could be about 3D scanning with the camera. The Electronic Image Stabilization will be enhanced. The HDR image can now be previewed without any shutter lag in live preview with the zzHDR feature. Multi-Frame support will be added as well.

Of course, a number of performance issues need fixing and Microsoft is expected to provide a solution. Apparently, apps and gesture interfaces sometimes crash.

Microsoft is rolling out updates and fixes for the camera problems. We’re hoping those are just the major issues. Let’s wait and see for the next big update from the software giant. It should be out anytime soon.

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