Surface Duo bumpers in graphite, ember, and ice colors now available

We’ve seen Microsoft tease three other colors for Surface Duo bumpers, but only the glacier white one ships with the device. As expected, those alternate colors are now available for purchase through Microsoft directly and Best Buy (coming soon).

The new colors include ember (red), graphite (dark grey), and ice (blue), all of which match the current Surface Pro Signature Type Cover colors. When combined with some third-party skins, users can get some excellent protection as well as a bit of personalization.

The bumper is very well designed and stays attached to Surface Duo with no issues. While it adds protection to the edge, it also does not interfere with the display’s 360-degree rotation. It also has cutouts for the SIM card slot, Type-C connector, and the fingerprint reader.

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Priced at $40, the bumpers are by no means cheap, and since they are held on by adhesive, it makes swapping them out a bit tricky. Luckily, for $8, you can buy the same adhesive and keep reusing the bumpers forever.

If you are curious about how they look, we ordered up some red and blue bumpers and will follow up later this week with some photos to help you decide. Check our roundup of best Surface Duo accessories if you need more ideas.

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