Surface Duo 2: Release date, specs, and everything we know so far

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Surface Duo 2020Source: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central

Microsoft is currently working on the next version of its dual-screen Surface Duo productivity device. Codenamed Zeta, we believe Surface Duo 2 will launch in the second half of this year, likely in the September or October timeframe, and feature the latest specs, more features, and be a better smartphone overall.

We don’t yet know all the details around Surface Duo 2, but as we learn things, we’ll be sure to update this post, so check back frequently!

Surface Duo 2 release date

Microsoft has announced that it will be holding a Surface event on September 22, and we believe this is where Microsoft will unveil Surface Duo 2 officially. The device will likely begin shipping in October, and will ship with Android 11 out of the box.

Surface Duo 2 what to expect

Sources tell me that the next version of Surface Duo will continue evolving the dual-screen form factor, with small tweaks the overall design of the product and bringing it more in line with other Android smartphones on the market. Microsoft tried to position the first-generation Surface Duo as “not a phone,” but that hasn’t gelled well with the market.

So with Surface Duo 2, we expect Microsoft will embrace what makes a phone a good phone, and apply those practices to Surface Duo. We expect Surface Duo 2 to ship with typical smartphone things such as NFC, a competent camera system, the latest specs, and more.

Surface Duo 2 specs

Duo 2 leak

Source: YouTube: Tech Rat
I’m told that Surface Duo 2 will ship with the latest flagship SoC for 2021, which means it will have a Snapdragon 888 SoC with 5G capabilities. I also hear that it will feature NFC for wireless payments, an external camera system with a bump for better photography, slightly bigger displays with a higher refresh rate, and slightly thinner bezels for a more streamlined fit and finish.

The overall shape and size of the Surface Duo is expected to remain similar to the first Surface Duo. I don’t have exact measurements unfortunately, but I understand that the changes in shape and size are mostly unnoticeable unless you have a Duo 1 to compare side by side. It will be slightly thicker and slightly taller.

Surface Duo 2 camera

A new leak has confirmed that Surface Duo 2 will ship with a new camera sensor array, featuring three external lenses on the back of the device. Windows Central understands that these lenses will consist of an ultrawide, telephoto, and standard camera lens. There is also a time of flight sensor on the outside.

These lenses are housed in quite a large camera bump which will prevent the Surface Duo from folding flat on itself when in phone-mode. Because of this, the camera bump is slightly angled so that the device can safely lay on the bump without causing damage.

There’s also an internal selfie camera above the right display. We don’t yet know the exact specs of the new cameras, but sources say the main shooter will be 12MPs.

Surface Duo 2 price

There’s no word on how much Surface Duo 2 will cost, but considering it’s going to ship with the latest specs and more features, sources have suggested pricing may start at slightly higher than the Surface Duo’s $1,399 price tag.

Surface Duo 2 what I want to see

I would love to see a Surface Duo 2 with more RAM choices, with 8GB RAM being the standard and 12GB RAM for those who want to splash out with more headroom for multitasking across both displays. I’d also love to see official support for the Surface Slim Pen that includes magnets and wireless charging so that I can carry the pen with me.

I also hope to see a better focus on unique and first-party OS features built by Microsoft. The first Surface Duo is basically stock Android, with no real flair in the OS done by Microsoft. It would be great to see new pen features, or unique Microsoft productivity enhancements come to Android on Surface Duo 2.

I would also love to see Microsoft adopt a metal material for the frame of the device. Surface Duo V1 uses plastic, which is fine, but it can yellow over time and isn’t as structurally sound as metal. Many Surface Duo V1 customers have complained about their USB-C ports cracking, and switching to a metal frame would fix this. Plus, it would make the device feel more premium but also more heavy.

Finally, I want more colors for Surface Duo 2. Surface Duo V1 is available only in “Glacier White,” which just isn’t all that nice. I’d love to see a Poppy Red, Ice Blue, Platinum, and Black color option.

Surface Duo 2 latest news

August 27, 2021: Geekbench results have confirmed that the Surface Duo 2 will ship with a Snapdragon 888 processor with 8GB RAM, meaning it will match other flagship smartphones on the market shipping in 2021.

July 26, 2021: New images have leaked revealing the external design of Surface Duo 2. The images confirm that Surface Duo 2 will feature a triple camera sensor array, frosted glass, and a slightly different overall shape for the device.

June 1, 2021: A recent patent filing from Microsoft suggested that the company was experimenting with adding a kickstand-like feature to its dual-screen form factor. Windows Central understands that Surface Duo 2 does not feature this kickstand design, so don’t expect to see that when the device ships later this year.

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