Supposed Galaxy Buds Pro shows up on FCC listing

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We’ve been hearing about a supposed new Galaxy Buds product from Samsung and now it looks like the release is imminent. An FCC listing shows that a new pair of Samsung earbuds is coming to the market and that it will be arriving soon. While the name Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro did not show up in said listing, this is the only rumored new earbuds coming out of the Korean OEM. We don’t know a lot of details about it but we’re seeing some new information from the FCC listing.

For one thing, we’re seeing model SM-R190 although that in itself doesn’t really tell us anything. It uses Bluetooth Low Energy according to the frequency range and number of channels but that’s already expected as well. We still don’t know based on this if it will have Active Noise Cancellation although that’s one of the earlier rumors that we’ve heard about the upcoming new truly wireless earbuds.

We get a few more details in the FCC compliance label as it says the charging case will have a 500mAh battery. We don’t know what the battery capacity of the earbuds themselves will be. Other than these details, we don’t know anything else officially about the earbuds. If indeed they will be called Galaxy Buds Pro, then it’s another addition to their Galaxy Buds lineup and not exactly a replacement for one of the earlier models.

And since there might be a pro in the name, that means there should be more improvements as compared to the previous models. Hopefully, that includes the most requested Active Noise Cancellation. But that will also mean this will be more expensive than the other ones as a “pro” label also usually means more expensive. We’ll probably hear more leaks and rumors about this over the next few weeks.

Since there’s already an FCC listing, this may mean we’ll see the new earbuds announced soon. Possibly, the reported Galaxy Buds Pro will also be announced alongside the new flagship line, the Galaxy S21, this January.

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