Support FNATIC and your wallet with 20% off the team’s REACT gaming headset

FNATIC is a successful esports organization that has competed in a variety of PC games for many years. More recently, the organization started to create some branded PC hardware, which has produced some excellent accessories that let you show your support for the organization and take your experiences to a whole new level.

The REACT is the organization’s gaming esports headset and it’s currently on sale right now with the coupon code REACT20.

FNATIC REACT is a competitive gaming headset. It’s not quite as expensive as leading gaming headsets, either. Even at this rather affordable price, you get a headset that produces great audio, has an exceptional microphone, solid build quality, and a long cable.

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Even if you don’t support the organization, it’s still a compelling headset choice at a competitive price. The lack of RGB lighting is also a refreshing touch in a sea of lit cups. What you may miss with this headset is the surround sound, though, for the price, you shouldn’t really be hoping for such advanced functionality.

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