Students and teachers can save hundreds on the Adobe Creative Suite

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Adobe Premiere Pro is an excellent video editor but can get pricey due to its monthly subscription. However, you can save big on Adobe Premiere Pro if you’re a student or teacher. Here’s how to make sure you get your savings.

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How to do the thing

  1. Have an education email ending in .edu
  2. Subscribe to the “Creative Cloud All Apps plan” on “Adobe’s website
  3. Enter your email into the online form
  4. Enter your billing information
  5. Verify your details

If you don’t have an education email ending in .edu, you’re homeschooled, or you face any other issues, you can verify your details by calling Adobe at 800-585-0774.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe makes it easy to sign up for a subscription as a student or teacher, especially if you have an education email. The only equipment you need is a web browser and your personal and banking details.

The student or teacher discount for Adobe brings the price of the entire Adobe Creative Suite down to $20 per month for the first year. After a year, that price bumps up to $30 per month every year. If you aren’t a student or teacher, or if you don’t take advantage of the deal, just Adobe Premiere Pro costs $21 per month. That price difference isn’t substantial when dealing with only one app, but the student or teacher deal gets you the full suite, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

If you subscribe to the entire Adobe Creative Suite and aren’t a student or teacher, it costs $53 per month. That means over your first year, you’d save almost $400. Even after the price jumps in your second year of the plan, you’d still save over $275 per year.

Saving on editing

Adobe Premiere Pro

Industry-standard video editing software

Many students and teachers require Adobe Premiere Pro. By purchasing an all apps plan, you get Adobe’s video editor as well as the rest of the creative suite, and you can save hundreds per year compared to non-education pricing. It’s important to note that pricing for the plan is subject to change after one year.

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