Store all your Xbox games with Seagate’s 4TB HDD, on sale for Prime Day

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Prime Day‘s lighting is fading as we approach the final few hours, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still a bunch of tasty deals just waiting to be found. If you own an Xbox and plan to keep it that way as the next generation is released, this 4TB Seagate external hard-disk drive (HDD) would make a great addition to your gaming setup. Instead of the regular $119 price, it’s slashed down to just $88. Not only do you get 4TB of storage, you also get two months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to help you fill it up with games as soon as it arrives.

Bulk Xbox Storage

Seagate 4TB Xbox Game Drive | $31 off at Amazon

A whopping 4TB of storage for your Xbox AND two months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate? That’s a great deal made even better thanks to Prime Day savings.

Games keep on getting bigger (looking at you, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare), and the demand for bulk storage climbs along with them. Well, how does 4TB sound? Seagate’s Xbox external HDD connects via USB-A 3.0, allowing you to play Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One games straight from it.

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If you’re upgrading to the Xbox Series X or S, you’ll still be able to store games on it, but will have to move them to internal storage before playing. Still, that’s a great alternative for anyone who deals with network data caps and can’t redownload games as they please.

Xbox One Hard Drive

Source: Matt Brown | Windows Central

This is a ton of storage, and to help fill it up this HDD includes two months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. This nets you access to more than 100 PC and Xbox games, all ready to go as soon as you’re signed up. You can download and play to your heart’s content as long as you’re still a subscriber, and there are always new games being added to keep the lineup fresh. It also includes Xbox Live Gold so you can enjoy games with your friends. That’s a crazy deal.

If you’re worried about game storage and data caps, shelling out for this discounted 4TB HDD is no doubt quite tempting. It’s $31 off the regular price, bringing it down to just $88. That’s about as cheap as we’ve ever seen it, and you can’t iignore the Game Pass value tacked on.

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