Stellaris announced the Necroids species pack, coming soon to the game

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Stellaris Necroids Expansion ImageSource: Paradox Interactive

Stellaris continues to be a mainstay for any strategy fan, combining incredibly deep 4X strategy gameplay with gorgeous visuals and art direction. Stellaris hasn’t stopped with its base game either, adding tons of new content in the form of expansion packs over time. The latest one to be announced by Paradox Interactive is the Necroids Species Pack, which add a new civilization to the game.

Paradox Interactive hopes that the new Necroids species will invigorate gameplay for longtime players, shake-up tried and true playthroughs, and give new players more reason to join the game. This undead species is clever, and is prone to survive in places other species would surely perish, and consequently fail where other species would thrive. Living amongst the Necroids apparently will require embracing death in order to survive, and should make for a very interesting dynamic.

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The Necroids Species Pack has a trailer alongside its announcement, but as of yet there is no pricing or release date information, so we’ll have to wait a little bit longer to get a hold of any of that. However, if you’re interested, Stellaris is currently a part of a sale on Steam, so it could be a great time to buy the game or any of its expansions, especially if you’re a strategy fan.

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