Star Wars Battlefront II is set to get Felucia as a planet on September 25

Earlier in 2019, DICE shared a roadmap for upcoming updates for Star Wars Battlefront II that would release later in the year. One of these updates is the planet Felucia, which would be a Capital Supremacy planet. Capital Supremacy planets have multiple Command Posts, allowing for multi-stage battles. Today, DICE provided more information on Felucia.

Felucia has five Command Posts: Village, Sarlacc, Farm, Caves and Swamp. Felucia is a dangerous planet and while the Sarlaac is dead, there are toxic plants and fungi that release deadly gas, harming anything or anyone nearby. The Clone Army is protecting the evacuation of medicinal plants to their Venator ship, while the Droid Army is attempting to destroy the supply line and if possible, the Clones’ lone method of escape. Felucia is being added as part of the Cooperation update, which is now set to release on September 25. This update also includes the much-anticipated Clone Commando.

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Star Wars Battlefront II is a first and third-person multiplayer shooter from EA. Over the past year, it has received a slew of updates which added more and more content to the game.

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