Stadia’s Tandem Mode adds support for third-party controllers

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To play Google Stadia games with Chromecast or similar setups, one needed the wireless Stadia controller. Now Google is giving users an option to have more freedom with its Tandem Mode. This new functionality allows gamers to connect compatible third-party gamepads and enjoy their gaming sessions in cooperative mode. Although you might find this workaround strange – it solves the purpose – so there should be no reason for any complaints.

The new feature is going to be useful, in particular for people with physical disabilities who can play games with third-party controllers only, like the Xbox Adaptive Controller. For now, the feature is a bit peculiar since you need to plug-in the secondary controller into the USB-C port of the Stadia controller. Then the secondary controller acts as if one is pressing controls on the primary controller i.e. the Stadia controller.

This in no way should be interpreted as a second controller input for a second player in multiplayer games. The connector will only work in single-player mode, wherein, both the controllers can be used simultaneously too. If your third-party controller has a USB-C connector then it can be plugged directly to the Stadia controller, else you’ll have to get hold of an adapter or cable for the connection.

Google is only supporting this functionality with a handful of third-party controllers. So, you’ll have to check the supported device list before jumping the gun and trying this method. The compatible devices for now include the Xbox Adaptive Controller, Xbox One Controller, Xbox One Elite Controller (Series 1 and 2), and Sony DualShock 4 Controller. More controllers are destined to land on this compatibility list, so keep a lookout for your third-party controllers.

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