Stadia Wireless Controller will support phones, other deivces by 2020

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When the Stadia gaming streaming service first came out a couple of weeks ago, one of the noticeable limitations of it is that the wireless controllers cannot be used with other devices like smartphones, tablets, desktops, laptops. Well, you could actually use it but not technically wirelessly as you needed to connect it to the device’s USB-C port. But now it looks like a Google Store listing is showing that wireless support for the aforementioned devices will finally arrive by 2020.

According to 9 to 5 Google, the “best” way for you to enjoy Stadia is to play it on your TV with your wireless controller and using your Chromecast Ultra. It’s actually the only way that the Stadia Controller connects to Google’s servers. But of course not everyone has the luxury of playing in front of a TV screen and there has been a steady rise in mobile gamers the past years. So not having support for smartphones and other mobile devices is a bummer for those who want to experience Stadia on the go.

But it’s been spotted on the Google Store listing for the Premiere Edition that support is coming in 2020 for laptops, desktops, select tablets, and phones. There’s no exact timeframe and 2020 is 12 months long but we’re hoping that the fact they placed it in the listing means it will be sooner rather than later. Google has been hyping the Stadia controller has the most latency-free experience if you connect directly over Wi-Fi to the cloud.

In the meantime, if you still want to use a wireless controller, you can use third-party ones from Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and Sony Playstation and pair them with your device over Bluetooth. If you still want to use the Stadia Controller, you’ll have to make do with your USB-C connection which is pretty decent obviously but there is that added wired component, plus the lack of that touted latency.

At least we get to look forward to this wireless support for mobile devices by 2020. There are still other functionalities that we have yet to see like Bluetooth audio for headsets, screen captures and replying to voice chat, at least on mobile. We look forward to the day when the full Stadia experience will have all the necessary components of mobile gaming and device support.

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