Stadia partners with five developer studios for exclusive titles

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Google commenced the second Stadia Connect livestream event of 2020 which mostly had the new gaming titles coming to the cloud platform. There were 16 new games revealed at the event, out of which five are Stadia exclusives. Google announced that the developers working to create Stadia only games are Splash Damage, Harmonix (Rock Band developer), Uppercut Games (creator of City of Brass), Robot Entertainment, and Supermassive Games (developer of Until Dawn). They however only revealed what kind of games are going to be on offer for a few of them.

Splash Damage is working on a game titled “Outcasters” which will be a battle royale like, multiplayer shooter game in which you play the character of a vinyl toy. The players are going to show off their trick shot skills in this one – curving bullets or shooting friends. Then there is the Orcs Must Die 3 from Robot Entertainment which will be a tower defense title just like its predecessors’ Orcs Must Die 1 and Orcs Must Die 2. The game is available as free for Stadia Pro users and for $29.99 through the Stadia Store.

Other than these exclusive titles Google also previewed games that will be free for Pro members in the future. These include the horror title Hello Neighbor and the Hide and Seek prequel which will come later this year. The Hitman trilogy will also land on the platform – and the first one of them will be a free Stadia Pro offering in September. Hitman 2 will also launch in September, while Hitman 3 will be released in January 2021.

Along with these announcements at the event, Google also launched the Click to Play feature for Stadia Pro members. The function allows the premium members to play game by clicking the associated link of a YouTube description. It works with any Stadia supported device and compatible with all the games on Stadia Pro or ones purchased from Stadia Store.

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