Sprint now offering $15 unlimited eSIM data plans for Surface Pro X

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Sprint has been offering $15 unlimited 4G LTE data plans for connected devices since 2018, but it looks like devices like the Surface Pro X (and other eSIM-enabled Windows 10 PCs) now have Sprint as part of the instant-buy plans available through the Microsoft Mobile Plans app.

Up until recently, GigSky and Ubigi were the only two options available for those with eSIM-enabled Windows 10 PCs. While both are decent services, they were not cheap, with Ubigi offering 3GB of data for 30 days (expires) at $29.

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Now, Sprint is an option too, letting users sign up and agreeing to AutoPay for just $15 a month with unlimited 4G LTE data (the plan is typically $20 a month, but Sprint gives you a $5 discount for using AutoPay). There is no contract required.

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Sprint has similar plans with a physical SIM, but with eSIM activation is instant, and users can toggle using a physical SIM when traveling. It also makes getting data on a device like the Surface Pro X much easier than going to a store to sign up or waiting for a physical SIM in the mail.

Unfortunately, there are no other major carrier options for Microsoft’s Mobile Plans apps. Service from AT&T, Verizon, or T-Mobile would be welcomed as well due to the coverage and faster speeds than Sprint. Users can still use any carrier’s physical SIM and then toggle over to a Sprint eSIM if they prefer, though, which is not a bad option.

To sign up for Sprint (or any other eSIM provider) users of the Surface Pro X can simply launch the Mobile Plans app from their PC, or use the Settings > Network & Internet > Cellular to toggle to eSIM and sign up that way.

Currently, the Surface Pro X is on sale through Best Buy and Microsoft. Amazon is offering a complete package (8GB/256GB) with keyboard and Surface Slim Pen for $1,249.


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