Spotify may be working on Karaoke, group sessions, offline listening for free users

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While Spotify may still be the dominant music streaming app right now, there are several other players adding more features to get users to switch or at least add them as an alternative. And so it looks like the folks over there are rolling up their sleeves and working on even more features to keep current users happy and maybe attract more to be both free and paid subscribers. They are possibly working on fun things like Karaoke mode, group sessions, and even letting free tier users listen to music offline.

Noted reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong seems to have uncovered these things that Spotify is currently working on, as per Android Police. For those who love singing along to their favorite music (and loudly at that), there may be a new Karaoke mode coming to the music app soon. It will let you adjust the vocal level of a song and display the lyrics of the song should you wish to do your own version of it. Just make sure your next-door neighbor (or someone you live with) will not declare you a public nuisance.

They are also reportedly working on Group Sessions where users who are on the same Wi-Fi network will be able to connect to audio devices. This can be the perfect tool for those who want to have listening parties. The Car Mode may be getting a new home screen and a reminder that you can use Google Assistant to control the app’s playback. There’s also a new Now Playing design in the Car Mode with bigger buttons for shuffling and voice control.

There may also be something for those who are still on the free tier. Offline listening is a perk that paid subscribers have but now even those who are using Spotify for free will get up to 30 minutes of offline listening per day. For podcast listeners, you may get a new Your Episodes section in your library where you can save your favorite episodes. Auto-refresh will let you update a playlist but will keeping the ones that you’ve manually added.

Lastly, we might get a new animation for when you “like” songs. It’s not important but it may be cute. Of course all of these aren’t final so we’ll wait for Spotify to make official announcements before scheduling that karaoke and/or album listening party you’ve always wanted to have.

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