Spotify lets you “match” musical tastes with celebrities with Listen Alike

If you’ve always ben curious about whether or not you and a certain celebrity would match well when it comes to music, you’ll have to wonder no more. Spotify is introducing a new tool that would let you see how much your musical tastes are similar to your favorite celebrities and influencers. It’s not really a very useful tool to have but if you’re bored and curious, then finding out your music match with these celebrities is a good way to pass your time.

Listen Alike features several celebrities, from singers to podcasters to influencers. Some of the more famous names in their lineup include Conan O’Brien, Alicia Keys, John Legend, Phoebe Bridgers, etc. Some of the names may not be so familiar with a general audience but it looks like they have a niche following since Spotify has included them in the line-up. Hopefully, they will be adding more to the list to keep users engaged.

To find your celebrity music soulmate, head on over to their dedicated Listen Alike website. Tap on the celebrity that you want to check out then tap on the “Make a Connection” button. Spotify will then calculate stuff and then it will give you a percentage on how close your musical preferences are. You can also tap “see more” to see which artists you have in common in your respective music libraries.

However, the website seems to be a bit buggy right now as it keeps crashing or just going back to the main page. We don’t know if this is because so many people are trying to find their musical match or if it’s really a technical issue that they’re experiencing but hopefully, it becomes a smoother experience in the next few days.

You will of course have to log in to your Spotify account for this to work. But both free and paid users can try out Listen Alike and it also works on both desktop and mobile browsers.

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